iPhone 14 Complaint For ‘Complete Reconstruction’

In general, Apple revives its iPhone design every few years, but we think that since the iPhone 6, the update has ceased to be as obvious as it sounds like a few changes here and there, but nothing looks as wild as the iPhone 3G going to iPhone 4, and iPhone 4 to iPhone 5.

However, this changed last year with the iPhone 12 from the twisted design of the iPhone 11, and it looks like we can expect another upgrade in 2022. This is according to a report by Mark Gurman in New Power On letter where they say on the iPhone 14, it is expected to be a “complete overhaul”.

According to Gurman, it seems that the small change we saw in this year’s iPhone seems to be a sign that Apple is working on big changes that could take a long time to happen.

This is not the first time we have heard of a redesign that may have taken place last week, researcher Ming-Chi Kuo said the iPhone 14 can remove notch in favor of the cut-outs we see from other Android phone makers. Whether the reports are accurate or not, but if you want more important ones, it may be worth waiting until 2022.

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