Concept Apple TV Imagines MagSafe Mountain That Can Pay Easy Is Not Far Away

Photo credit – Iván Antón

According to the above boxes, the Apple TV is small and insignificant and can be hidden if needed. However, can the design of the Apple TV be redesigned? We think so, and he is the creator Ivan Anton he also tried to make his point on Apple TV.

In his mind, Antón sees the Apple TV as having a plug built into it. This would allow the Apple TV to be connected directly to a wall, saving users the need for a power cord plus the HDMI cable that the device uses. This makes it an excellent alternative to modern design.

However, what we think might be a sale here is how Antón integrated the MagSafe charger built into the Apple TV itself. By using MagSafe in the Apple TV itself, it allows users to pay for Siri Remote. It will also serve as a great place for readers to store and upgrade remotely when they are not using it to keep it in place.

It has a much better solution compared to the current system which still relies on wire charging away from Siri. That being said, it has an idea so don’t expect to see it fulfilled soon, or not.

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