Kino Lorber Has Launched A Free Advertising Service

Video dealer Kino Lorber is launching a modern-day Kino Cult movie advertising campaign, featuring a number of seasonal movies during the turmoil. The service is free and supported by advertisers, with new responsibilities each month.

Promotional work, first announced by Variety, available at and there are available apps for Roku, Apple TV, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

The Kino Cult Library includes the most recent videos like The Girl Walks Alone At Night (2014),, Let the Walking Bodies (2017), and Dogtooth (2009), as well as classics such as Sunday Sunday (1960), Black Sabbath (1963), The big city (1927), i Asphyx (1972). The project also features historical documentation, such as the Cold War video bomb Atomic Cafe (1982).

There’s also a lot of sex, from Great Depression nudie movies as short How to Undress and How to Swim, from 1937, to the “records” of 1964 London to Raw.

Drawing picture: Lorber Cinema

“With our vast library built over 40 years and key partner labels in many genre specialties, we have enormous potential to hyper serve genre audiences, the most passionate of all film lovers, with a selection of both new and rare films that they can’t find anywhere else, in incandescent HD,” Kino Lorber CEO Richard Lorber told Variety.

“You no longer need to live in a big city with a great repertory theater to have access to the kind of curated cult gems we’re able to offer now for free!” Lorber continued.

Kino Lorber released a promo reel on YouTube showing some of the available videos.

“Kino Lorber has been compiling a huge library of amazing cinema, and we are excited to unveil it in one place,” Kino Cult director and VP chief Bret Wood said in a statement to Variety.

“And this is just the beginning. Kino Cult is a video booth where all the artists and viewers have found their favorite movies, and have the opportunity to expand their pallets into something unique. ”

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