Apple Rebuilds Earphones With iPhone 13 In France

Remember the day when cell phones came with all kinds of tools like charging bricks, cables, headphones, maybe even? Nowadays we are starting to see manufacturers make things like headphones, but it seems that it is not Apple where in France, the iPhone 13 still sells with Lightning EarPods.

This is due to local laws in this country where all mobile phones are required to be equipped with a hands-free device to protect children from electronic media. This is why Apple is including Earpods with a built-in microphone that allows users to use the iPhone without hands.

The interesting thing is that Apple allows for a wide range of rules. We need to wonder if this could mean that other countries could force the company to integrate chargers with its phones.

In Brazil, Apple is facing what it wants to change excluding chargers and iPhone 13. The Consumer Protection Agency has announced that it wants to investigate the company’s activities earlier this year hit Apple with a $ 2 million fine on the same issue is the iPhone 12 of 2020.

Apple has cited reasons for removing the brick bricks, saying that many of us already have USB chargers that will work with the iPhone, although the company’s idea of ​​selling a free brick for $ 20 has raised eyebrows.

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