The cost of transfer for iOS 15 remains with iOS 14

It’s been a week since Apple released iOS 15. statistics by Mixpanel, the launch of iOS 15 is much lower than that of iOS 14 at the same time.

According to statistics, iOS 15 is up to 19.3% off so far, but if you look at iOS 14, it managed to hit 30% in the same period. This shows that people are not interested in the changes Apple is bringing to iOS 15 and are not in a hurry to upgrade their devices right now.

There could be several reasons why. This can add up various bugs realized in the first release that it could bring people back. There may be a problem with Security threats that still exist in iOS 15 although Apple was warned in advance, and lastly, iOS 15 was supposed to launch Apple’s controversial CSAM program.

Despite plans to launch CSAM, there is no indication that Apple will abandon it, which is another reason why users are returning. We think that eventually the iOS 15 numbers will rise, but for now, most users seem to be just sitting around.

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