Complains of Samsung Galaxy S22 Case Compared to S Pen Merger

Earlier this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21, Samsung finally broke the S Pen alone on its Note list. However, the downside is that while the Galaxy S21 supports S Pen, there is no place to store it properly, meaning you have to keep it in your pocket or purse as much as you can.

However, this could change in 2022 with the Galaxy S22. This is in line with an Ice Universe tweet that shared what it says is a Galaxy S22 where as you can see from the cut, there will be an S Pen space, meaning the Galaxy S22 can come up with a dedicated component to protect the S Pen.

There have been rumors that Samsung may be able to include the Notes in the S-series, and that the Galaxy S22 Ultra could be upgraded to the Galaxy Note Ultra, which would make sense for the inclusion of the S Pen. However the Ice Universe was also followed by a special titter stating that there would be no name change and that it was “100% guaranteed”.

Obviously, as is the case with all outbursts and rumors, they are well taken care of with salt so don’t read too much about this right now and we hope we can get more coverage of the Galaxy S22 in the future.

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