The worst Halloween costumes for 2021: Don’t be surprised, Disney, Witcher, DC

Ah, Halloween! Time for ghosts. Time for he recited! Time to check out the io9 annual list of the most confusing, questionable and worst clothing this season.

Which seems to put the 2021 outfit apart from the downside of 2019 and 2020Their offerings are so small that their manufacturers have done nothing. What you will see here are some of the most glamorous, least thought-provoking, cheapest things you can pay for, and there are many more that we need to narrow down our list to wear nerd jewelry (and I mean “Inspiration” wonderfully freely). I don’t know if the low prices during the plague have affected the company’s ability to deliver on this year’s donations but former salesman Beth Elderkin, who often writes the series (Beth, we miss you!), It left me with Halloween drops.

As always, we’re not against fancy clothes here – you should wear anything that looks good, anytime you want! – we oppose very, too bad clothing manufacturers. Show off as much meat as you would like at your safe Halloween party this year! Just wear better clothes than this dream.

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