The Grizzly Bear Killed by a Mountain Goat was Innocent

Figure: Jim Urquhart (All online applications)

Earlier this month, hikers found the body of a 60-pound[70 kg]bear near Burgess Pass in the Canadian highlands. Unbelievably, a study of Parks Canada found that a bear had been killed by a mountain goat. Most amazing, my friends at The Gizmodo scientific team celebrated this, calling the goat “badass.”

What I’m saying, you have no heart, Gizmodo science team? I have come to represent a grizzly bear. That goat is not badass. They are cold stone killing groups, working with climate change to take the life of an innocent grizzly bear.

Climatic conditions have severely affected the area around where the bear was found. You may remember the wildfire that passed through Canada in the summer. Moto he has burned up the whole city and lightning bolt set fire to hundreds of western Canada, including some very dangerous they turned the day into night. Two fires they found parts of Banff National Park. Banff is actually crossing the street from Yoho National Park, their home where the robbery took place.

Ladies and gentlemen of prisons, let me remind you that climate change is causing a hot climate that is fueling fires. And let me tell you – it was one of those moody times where he would break into endless soliloquy with himself. So how does this relate to killing a bear?

In Yoho National Park, bears rely heavily on plants for wintering. Unlike black and black bears, grizzlies he has no chance to fish. According to Restaurants in Canada, meat only makes up 15% of their diet. Fruits, in particular, are the main source of food for grizzlies in the summer. Natural berry spots are bold and he can growth returning soon after the fire broke out. But as soon as they are burned by flames or dried up by a drought, there is little more for the bears to do.

David Laskin, a wildlife expert with Parks Canada Lake Louise, Yoho and Kootenay, “this year, we wore a few berries. he was told Calgary’s CTV News, noting that bears “often migrate to a variety of food sources, dig up roots and look for unfriendly people.”

In other words, this goat was not evil; he was a fearsome assassin who chose to injure a helpless creature as a result of climate change. Scientific research in University of Alberta and University of Calgary found that the growing season for sweet fruit – red tart fruit that grizzlies love – is shortened by climate change that causes heat and dryness. In other words, these bears are facing a summer like this.

Yes, the bear may have started to chase after the goats, but would you say that he is poor? With no fruit around them, they were probably very hungry and worried that they would not survive the winter. In addition, the bear’s carcass weighed about 154 pounds, or little by little than a large grizzly bear.

Sounds to me like this animal must have been in trouble. For all we know, he probably just wanted a small herd of mountain goats. Or maybe our bear that went too far had the intention of maiming but not killing. Yet he faced a show of maturity. Gizmodo’s scientific team has called his death a “happy one,” but it is a tragedy. This is killing a bear. Removing the bear’s name and finding a vicious, murderous goat that has been found guilty of felony criminal mischief is a minor offense. I will rest my guilt.

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