The Bear Finds The Lost GoPro And Shoots A Selfie With It

There are many reasons why a person can accidentally lose GoPro while going for a walk, cycling, breathing, and much more. Most of the time, you don’t expect to find it again, but this time, a man named Dylan Schilt found a lost GoPro in the desert hunting for bows.

While frustration over lost weapons is not new, Schilt’s findings were surprising. According to Schilt, “Last week while looking for arrows, I came across a GoPro that got lost and was walking in the snow. When I returned to camp I was devastated and could not believe my eyes. “

It seems Schilt was not the first to find the lost GoPro. After taking a picture of the camera and looking at the pictures, he found a clip of how a black bear had stumbled upon the camera and somehow managed to turn on and start filming himself playing with it.

The video (see video above) shows a bear hitting the camera with both hands and even moving it with its mouth. The bear seems to be annoying GoPro, perhaps realizing it is not eating, leaving it on the ground while Schilt stumbles on his own.

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