Open With Apple Watch Do Not Work With iPhone 13

One of the things Apple introduced to the iPhone and Apple Watch during the epidemic was the possibility Unlock the iPhone using the Apple Watch while I was wearing a mask. Prior to this, users had no choice but to enter their ID instead of another security, such as Face ID.

However, it seems that this could be broken in the iPhone 13. According to a report on Reddit, it seems that there are a number of users who claim that the Apple Watch’s unlocking feature doesn’t work in combination with the iPhone 13.

According to the starting line, “So I have an Apple Watch SE and I just got my iPhone 13 Pro today, all of which is up to date with the latest iOS updates. Every time I want to unlock with an Apple Watch on my phone I have a problem saying ‘You can’t communicate with an Apple Watch'”.

Keep in mind that as far as we know, this seems to apply to iPhone 13 models. Users are said to have worked well with older iPhone models until it upgraded to the iPhone 13, after which the interface seemed to stop working. We do not know if this will affect all the iPhone 13 devices or if they are limited, but I am sure it is a virus and a hope that Apple will fix ASAP.

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