Fat Bear Junior Week is Here

Figure: National Park Service, C. Spencer, L. Law, N. Boak

The only one better than the bear is fat bear, and the only thing that is better than a fat bear is a fat male. This is why I am determined to make the announcement that right now, obese children now have minutes. Welcome to the first Fat Bear Junior Competition.

Every winter, the National Park Service holds a Fat Bear Sabbath to vote for the polar bear Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. It is a way of honoring the months that bears use to bind fat in their bodies in preparation for hiding. Fat Fat Week is always the best time of the year. And in 2021, it’s much better because of the little competition that’s going on here like heat.

Progressive babies are more likely to be called overweight bear of Brooks River. (“Child” is related here, of course.) Prices are high, as the winner will enter the adult bracket, which starts next Wednesday. That’s right — one boy will go out to fight a grown-up bear. Since voting began on Thursday, two bear cubs have already been removed, and voting is open until Friday at 9 p.m. ET, so head up, fast!

I would have been sad if I had not introduced you to the fun-loving, grief-stricken, nameless athletes whose names are their mothers, 132 and 128. First, there is the Bear 132 spring baby, who appeared in video premiere earlier this month and is one of the two surviving members of a three small debris that arrived in Brooks River in July. It’s a real fun one who lives a long time near people, because Bear 132 brought his kids close to guests at Katmai’s Brooks Lodge. She has a big mattress of smooth hair and a nice, comfortable belly.

Then, there is 128 year old. He has twin sister with thick black fur. It’s a little light: He learned to take his fish from Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park. The NPS notes, sounded like Katmai’s pride, that “No other old bear in memory of park workers has been fishing so frequently in Brooks Falls.”

You can learn a lot about both of them in the park web page and check them out on Explore.org’s have bears. There is no way to make the wrong decision: The competition is credible, and officials say you can base your decision on whatever you want. Make sure your votes are in place!

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