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Few people are drawn into the zeitgeist pop than Andy Serkis. Decades after his son’s successful career, the producer is about to release his third film as director, Problem: Disease. For many years he has been instrumental in forming the world’s largest franchises: Lord of the Rings, Land of Apes, Star Wars, Marvel Cinematic Universe, and more. He will also appear next Batman movie, as Alfred. It’s a long way to go, even if you are talk to him about Ululu, it is difficult not to mention a few other things.

Marvel / Sony superhero effect, Allow To Have Carnage opens October 1 and we will have more next week. But io9 recently when it spoke to Serkis on video, we discussed a lot that you can all enjoy. Mu Star Wars, Serkis played Chief Executive Snoke-a a wonderful picture who initiated a to compare inside The Power Rises and began to explode in the next film, The Last Jedi. Of course, this had never happened before miraculously killed by his disciple, Kylo Ren (Director of Adam). Later, it was revealed that the mysterious Snoke was a replica of the Emperor Palpatine, but only a small part of the larger plan to bring back the massive evils of the galaxy. We asked Serkis how he felt after realizing that Snoke had been killed and what he felt about the final revelation of the man’s motive.

Death of a Snake.
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“I was very disappointed when I read the script because everything was going well,” Serkis said. “I was like, ‘Guys, this is the boss’s boss. I like to play … what!? You’re kidding me, why?’ I was like ‘Well, that’s a good idea? I thought it was. Serkis admits, however, that although he was shocked and saddened by the assassination, he realized that it was important in the case, which was mainly about what Kylo Ren and Rey did. “Everything was fine, I think,” he said. Ren and Rey, and it was great. “

As for the whole object of comparison, he was as dark as the fans were. “The journey to discovering that he was a friend of Palpatine is something that happened at the time because everything was a secret from then on Encourage Awakening, ”Serkis said.

Long before he went to the galaxy far, far, far away, Serkis was still Middle-earth. His first name for fame was to join Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings trilogy as Gollum / Smeagol, A role that requires everyone to be able to draw and play. Not only did it help to change the way the movies were made but the work of Serkis, too. He did the recording King Kong and like the new Caesar Land of Apes movies, and eventually Jackson hired him to direct the second episode The Hobbit three times. He has a long history with the country of JRR Tolkien, so it seems appropriate to ask him his opinion on a new show from Amazon. Is she happy? Does he know anything?

Deceitful Gollum.
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“Yes, yes and no,” Serkis admitted. “Regardless, I’ve been reading with them audiobook ya Lord of the Rings Tolkien’s trilogy and location were eager to have the book … another middle age. Yes yes and no. I know a little bit about what this list has to offer. “I am very happy to see him,” he continued [what direction] it depends on the fact that it is a meaningless world. Middle-earth is the most exciting country that has been playing Gollum all these years. Coming back to the Middle-earth, reading the books on my own with a microphone for six weeks, was fun. It was hard, and it was very hard. ”

The only thing around today that compares with Lord of the Rings and Star Wars based on the size of the Marvel Cinematic Universe —and Serkis, too, has been a part of it. Played arms dealer Ulysses Klaue for the first time in Avengers: Ultron Age, then later Black Panther, where he was assassinated by Erik Killmonger. He did, however, recently to restore his position on animation on Disney + What if and a Black Panther next, They hit Forever, ready for release next year, whe asked himself, what part was he most excited about?

RIP Klaue.
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“She’s a bit like the world, like a place, because her intelligence is a wonderful thing,” she said. Obviously, it’s very sad, after all [Chadwick Boseman’s] departure, but I know that the story will go a long way in remembering these special performances as well as the actor and the main character in the film. ”

We will have more from Serkis, discuss all things Problem: Disease, next week.

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