NSA, Some Federal Agencies Use Ad Blockers

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Advertising advertisers. Maybe you love them, maybe you don’t think about them at all, but the opportunity is, you know someone and use them. And it is found that an increasing number of people are in the federal government.

The mother’s box was first to say pa a new letter Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden Referral to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Wednesday This explains some government agencies Utilizing ad blockchain expertise along with a good appeal to non-affiliated organizations: Ustay the most commercial blocker. Please.

“I have urged successive governments to respond appropriately to threats, including foreign governments and terrorists who use online advertising to exploit government systems,” Wyden wrote. letter. And of course, because of such great evils Cambridge Analytica and smaller Privacy infringement which comes as a surprise, it seems that some corporations agree that advertising is dangerous. In 2018, the National Security Agency (NSA) released it public advice encouraging its affiliates to ban “unsolicited ads on web sites.” In January this year, the Cybersecurity and Infource Security Agency (CISA) released it similar instructions all government agencies, are encouraging officials to use it business protections to protect against malware, especially.

“Enemies can use subtle tactics as part of a campaign against the victim, not just to show off,” he said. CISA Directory a they read.

The letter may be new, but the risks are not the same. We have seen the wrong campaigns against the military in 2014, voting-government in 2018, and, well, the team of all of us from then on. When sales start to fall any digital approach where we spend time online, it is only natural that advertisements that contain malicious software or other malicious content will also exist is rising, too.

As Wyden’s letter points out, this includes “seemingly harmless online advertisements” that contain programs aimed at “stealing, altering or deleting government information, or filming conversations over long distances of computers. built-in microphone. ”

And there are many more, secret ones. Any advertisement stored in a browser means a lot of it returns to companies across the globe, even if it is an ad stupid thing that you will not press for a billion years. There are there are no hard and fast rules on what is being shipped in so-called “bidstream” on the other side of the business, however more Includes information such as your location, IP address, it’s a kind of weapon. The advertisers are not perfect, and can collect the type of data on you, too — but not less than you you know a company that is on the other side. Digital advertising and opaque and unaltered disruption, which makes it difficult to publicize an advertising company that is destroying your data. The company is banning advertising they do the same (or bad), at least you have a company that you can be angry with, and by browsing you can delete it.

Apparently the NSA is known for all of this, and has known it for a while, which is why it started boarding the ad ban on advertising. Other than that, this is the same organization that brought us Edward Snowden, and Snowden’s revelations about the NSA whole empire phone tracking. In previous years, the kingdom he continues growth, even after the 2015 Freedom Act passed which put an end to the way government agencies get more information on mobile phones. But the rule used on telcos, Not commercial companies or adtech companies in the same data mining and design are those who made the export business to sell data confederation organizations a year since the revelation of Snowden, and the business seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Hell, Wyden asked the NSA about this within a year, and he replied with … well, do not answer.

Will critics stop this? Who knows! What we do know is the secret code of practice in the U.S. it is growing bigger broken, inoperable-And when we have a bleeding wound in the medical field, it is important that the browser be like a beautiful bandage.

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