New Pixel 6 Release Reveals Favorites and Camera Stands

Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro can have it beefy cameras with lots of smart AI smartphones, like theirs early.
Figure: Google

One of the biggest selling points on Google Pixel phones list all the time they become cameras, and Pixel 6 seems to be continuing the ceremony. The camera has become a major selling point for Google Pixel phones.

According to XDA makers, provided by the unreleased Google Camera app, and additional camera features from an unnamed source, Redesign of the Pixel 6 camera will also include changes in white standard measurements and a called magic eraser, which will hopefully bring a tool to get rid of something I’ve been waiting for from Google since then he announced on I / O 2017.

With a slight change, it looks like XDA Developers recognized the file camera interpreters of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. The program of camera lens you see the rear can be equipped with a 50-megapixel front-facing lens camera and a 12-MP high-resolution camera. The Pixel 6 Pro is a must have a back 48-MP telephoto lenses. At the front, the Pro will have a 12-MP selfie cam and the Pixel 6 will have an 8-MP lens. The camera software code directs the Pro’s performance, although none of the specifications are specified.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will probably help capture 4K video at 60 fps on their large magnifying glass, magnifying glass up to 7x. XDA found that low-resolution imaging can produce up to 20x.

The Pixel 6 Camera app also offers new design skills, such as white supremacists only show that may change to the scalp tone, perhaps building on more computer graphics aligorivimu a company launched on Google I / O earlier this year. Camera reports “FAce deblur ”will summarize a few pictures to help fill the face when disturbed.

Back to search tool: The XDA found evidence of what was mentioned in the code “Switzerland,” that is It seems to depend on the Tensor chip built by Google removing objects or people from the image. There is no sign of this beyond the code name, but this caused me to blow my beard invisible. Could this be a change in the shape of the fence?

There are many more that are mentioned in released the Google Camera app. Google may also be redirecting to how “selfie light” works up when you shoot an image, and the autofocus lock and your lock can be changed to “visible mode.” There is evidence of ama simple possibility that you can add after a photo shoot, and what looks like “bfashion design, ” which seems to be working on adjusting the camera so that it can shoot itself when it sees a child crawling in the frame.

We are interested in what XDA Developers dug into the code that came out it is possible that all of this will not happen Check when Pixel 6 and 6 Pro has finally been announced. We are approaching the official establishment, but if you would not expect to see the Pixel 6, we feel you can call on the Google store in New York City to see Google’s Next Screenshot-If you’re in that kind of thing.

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