[Watch] Brendan Taylor receives special honors at his last international match

The past Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor went to the international field for the last time in the style, where his teammates and opponents welcomed him with special honors.

The video was shared with the International Cricket Council (ICC), with Zimbabwe cricketers seen hoisting their wings in the air around Brendan Taylor. The leper is the one who was welcomed Ireland manager Andrew Balbirnie, whose players welcomed him with a round of applause.

You can view the artwork here:

One of Zimbabwe’s greatest freedom fighters, Brendan Taylor has spent 17 years with 283 countries around the world. A reliable fighter, he met just under 10,000 in his country, with more than 35 Test and ODI tests. His additions included 17 years and 51 half tons.

However, Taylor’s final innings did not end with the growth he probably wanted and deserved. In the ODI match, which started late due to rain, the first player scored 7 runs in 12 balls, plus a limit, before losing his bike to Joshua Little in the 4 over.

“No more trauma on the airport” – Brendan Taylor’s shocking news on his retirement

In his last post to fans on Sunday, Brendan Taylor recalled his trip, thanking his teammates, relatives and fans for their support. He said the game gave him the opportunity to take pride in representing Zimbabwe and taught him how to be ‘humble’.

“I am so sorry to announce that tomorrow is my last game in my beloved country. 17 years are coming soon and very low, and I can’t change the world. It has taught me to be humble, to constantly remind myself of the opportunities I have had at work for a long time, to wear a badge and be proud and leave everything on the field, ”Brendan Taylor wrote in the message.

The astrologer said:

“… I am eternally happy. To my friends at home, my parents and my dear two dear friends who have always been with me. Thank you very much. Finally my wife @ tellyelly and four of us beautiful boys. You have meant everything to me on this journey, and it would not have been possible without it. I am no longer in pain at the airport.I look forward to our next chapter.I love you so much.

Zimbabwe leads the way with three matches 1-0. They won the first game with 38 runs and the second was canceled due to rain and waterlogging.

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