While Speaking At A Mitch McConnell Event, Amy Coney Barrett Worries That SCOTUS Looks Partisan

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is concerned that people have seen the Supreme Court appear to be unanimous in speaking at Mitch McConnell’s ceremony.

According to the AP:

Judges should be “very careful to make sure that they do not allow their biases to fall on their decisions, since the judges and the people, too,” Barrett said at a meeting with the University of Louisville’s McConnell Center.


“To say that the court’s opinion is wrong is to say that the court is acting in an unfair manner,” said Barrett, whose affidavit on the seat vacated by the death of a generous Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg encouraged the court’s decision. “I think we should monitor what the court is doing itself.”

Barrett was speaking at a ceremony hosted by Republican Senate Minority Leader at his inaugural address.

If the Supreme Court is concerned that it should be seen as politically motivated, a good start would not be to use the docket to rule in favor of the anti-election law in Texas.

Everything about how the Supreme Court was filled and robbed by Mitch McConnell was violent. McConnell enacted laws to prevent Merrick Garland from confirming he then enacted various antitrust laws to expedite Barrett’s affirmation.

Barrett’s comments are interesting because the Court is aware of the public’s views and criticizes the decisions as a case of abortion in Texas.

Amy Coney Barrett thinks the American people are stupid, and if she complains about the party’s ideology, it’s best not to do so with Mitch McConnell standing by her side.

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