Trump On Running In 2024: ‘I Don’t Think We’re Going To Have A Choice’

On Monday, former President Donald Trump said the country “is getting to the point where we have no choice but to re-run as President in 2024.

Trump’s comments on the run-off seem to indicate that the election is a reality.

Trump said this in an interview with a Fox News Online.

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Trump Says Biden’s actions Will Not Leave Him Election

Asked if he had considered running for president in 2024, Trump said, “I don’t think we will have an election.”

“It’s a disgrace,” Trump said of Biden’s management.

Trump also described the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan as Biden as “the most embarrassing in our country’s history.”

Trump has realized that military parents are more willing to talk to him than the current President.

“If you look at Afghanistan and what happened, it is a death without cause, without a cause,” Trump said.

Trump added that “parents – the military wants to talk to me – do not want to talk to Biden.”

They just get discouraged. Trump said. Now we come to the point where we cannot do anything about it. ”

Following the threats at Kabul airport that killed 13 American soldiers, some Gold Star parents refused to meet Biden. Some of those who met him were disappointed by Biden’s actions.

Two Gold Star men, Mark Schmitz, Marine father Jared Schmitz, and Darin Hoover, Marine father Darin Taylor Hoover Jr., told Fox News about their unpleasant meeting with Biden.

Schmitz said, “They talked more about their son than they did with my son, and it didn’t make me happy.”

Hoover was outraged that Biden looked at his watch at a ceremony to pay homage to his fallen son: “It didn’t happen just once. It happened to everyone who got off the plane. It happened to every one of them.”

Trump called President Biden “an incompetent man to be the leader of our country.”

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Trump calls Biden Government ‘divisive’

Trump also said Biden was a divisive President.

“They just tell everyone how they want to get together, to be united – they don’t get together,” Trump said.

He added, “They are very divisive and divide.”

When Trump was questioned by the team of firefighters and police in New York City over the weekend at a ceremony to commemorate 20 years from 9/11 if they want to re-run as president, he replied, “I think you will be happy.”

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