Congressman Paul Gosar Introduces Resolution Requiring Body Cameras Be Worn By House Leadership

Today, Congressman Paul Gosar announced a new election to bring the bill to Parliament.

Gosar’s rules will require domestic leadership to wear body cameras and share them with people. This will revert to trust in the government.

Gosar came up with this idea by asking the people he lives with. What a thought!

Gosary: Earlier this year I asked you about the idea for members of Congress to wear skin tones to show off. You voted unanimously. That’s why I left the law today. Thank you @KamemeTvKenyaand on IG @ bodycams4congress John Reeves.

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Congressman Gosar words he said,

“Nowadays, wearing cameras have already provided the necessary evidence to protect the police from false and misleading allegations. .

These implications for transparency and honesty should also apply to Congress. For example, in January 2021, a number of congressional members also falsely claimed that some members of congressmen had provided “welcome visits” on January 5. Photos from physical cameras could be immediately reprimanded.

On another occasion, a congressional member reported the difficult issue of secrecy and deportation, without witnesses or records of any kind. A physical camera can detect such distractions.

The lack of transparency in Congress has led people to rely on the government to this day. The best way to regain confidence is to share with Americans what is really going on in Washington, DC. A little secret from our leaders is a good place to start.

That is why today I have decided to launch a pilot program that would require the leadership of Parliament to use body-worn cameras and ensure that the cameras are operated in a legitimate business. Photos from the cameras can be shared with the public.

If the American people are shown more about what is going on in Congress, trust in the people in our government will improve. ” He concludes Congressman Gosar.

John M. Reeves, Founder, @ BodyCams4Congress He added, “I have always seen that the physical cameras in Congress have led to good practice and transparency. I agree with this law as the first step.”

“For a long time the American people have been left in the dark about what is going on in Congress. The police can wear body cameras as well as our politicians. It is time to make it public and the bill is Rep. Gosar is the first party.” he added lawyer and producer Mike Cernovich.

You can read all of the legal terms by clicking Pano.

This is a good first step in being transparent and accountable in our home

We must have a government for the people and for the people.

Anyone who has voted against this must have certain goals.

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