“You cannot be a good teacher once you graduate”

The past Pakistan opener Salman Butt has agreed with the PCB concept for selection Vernon Philander and Matthew Hayden as coaches of the Pakistan team T20 International Committee. Acknowledging that all these people are inexperienced, Butt found that the right coaches did not do very well.

Speaking at his first meeting as chair of the PCB, Ramiz Raja named Philander and Hayden as Pakistani coaches at the T20 World Cup on Monday. He also said that the head teacher will also be appointed soon.

Looking at the decision to establish Philander and Hayden as Pakistani coaches, Butt insisted that if the two could communicate well, their ignorance should not be a problem. He said:

“If we are talking about the experience, Vernon Philander retired last year, then he has no advanced skills, which is similar to Misbah-ul-Haq. But he was as skilled in his field as a bowler thrower. And if they have good communication skills… I don’t think you should have gone through four stages of teaching or need 10 years of experience. “If you can really connect with people at the other end, if you can encourage them with determination, then you’re ready.”

A former Pakistani player has mentioned the current state of coaching in the country to make his point. He added:

It’s not just about having knowledge or crossing the line. There are many coaches floating in Pakistani Cricket, left to right and center. But the result is zero. You cannot be a good teacher once you graduate from college. “

Speaking about Hayden, Butt said he is one who has done very well as a player and could have a better role in the Pakistani team.

“Matthew Hayden has been with CSK for a long time. He has been with top cricket executives for a long time and he was the only big player. to do all this he says this, “Butt said.

What Ramiz Raja cited Philander and Hayden as coaches

The appointment of Vernon Philander and Matthew Hayden as Pakistani coaches surprised many. When Philander retired in 2020, Hayden left international cricket in 2009 but did not have a head coach before this. Announcing the election, the new PCB chairman said:

“Matthew Hayden is an Australian and a World Cup winner and a great player. It would be great to have an Australian who lives in the locker room. And Pakistan, yes, can win the World Cup, they need to improve their performance by 10%. I know Vernon Philander very well, he understands bowling, and he has a good record against Australia. “

Pakistan will begin their T20 World Cup campaign against India in Dubai on October 24.

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