“Impossible at the moment” – Salman Butt resumes Indo-Pak relationship

The past Pakistan captain Salman Matako agreed with the new PCB chair Ramiz Raja resumption of Indo-Pak Cricket relationships seem impossible at the moment. According to Butt, there are several “ differences ” between the two organizations at present.

At his first press conference since his inauguration as PCB chairman, Raja was asked if the Indo-Pak relationship could resume. “Impossible right now” he replied bluntly.

In support of Raja’s view of the resumption of Indo-Pak relations, Butt noted that the relationship could only be strengthened if both countries wanted to, saying:

“Ramiz Raja clearly answered when asked if the Indo-Pak relationship could be restored. He openly stated that it is impossible from now on. There are significant political differences and opportunities have arisen between the two countries. which is true. ”

Salman Butt added that the resumption of Indo-Pak relations was not a priority in the country. The key is to change the structure of cricket in Pakistan, opined Butt.

“He (Raja) does not seem to be in a hurry and fix the Indo-Pak relationship. The work can only be done when both sides are ready, you can’t clap with one hand. This is the right way to look. Also, at the moment this is not a problem. “Pakistani cricket is a construction project. Players need to be given the right way to move forward. Everything has to be right. These are the things that Pakistan needs to look at right now,” Butt said.

“Yes, we all want to see the India-Pakistan match. Fans on both sides want the same. But some people think differently. At the moment, what they think is happening. That’s why this is not the time to think or discuss this,” said the first Pakistani.

“We need to focus on our domestic and local cricket” – Ramiz Raja dies at Indo-Pak

Responding to a question about the possibility of cricket in Indo-Pak starting again, Raja said the first step now is to focus on Pakistani cricket.

“(Indo-Pak Dual Games) It’s impossible right now … because the game genre has been politically damaged, and so far it’s going well, and we’re not in a hurry because we have to focus on ourselves and ordinary cricket,” Raja replied.

India and Pakistan have been facing each other in ICC proceedings in recent years. The two will compete in the T20 World Cup on October 24 in Dubai.

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