Week 2 Fun Security

A lot of all the things we think we know are going through the season, right? Oh, sure, we have a few things right – Lions and Jets are evil, the mistakes of the Seahawks and Cardinal are terrible, and Urban Meyer could be in his head – but in the end, there were a lot of surprises (which are not surprising). Obviously, the owners of competitive games think Hey you know it all now, which is very dangerous. We try to be extra careful with our Week 2 security week, but let’s face it, we’re not at risk of getting emotional, too. We are always preaching looking for roommates with D / STs and streamers, but we are still trying to be careful as we approach the second week of the season.

For example, are the Steelers dangerous? We didn’t sell the Steelers with “good” matchup, which is why we don’t tell Raiders to be top-15. Ditto the Titans (in the Seahawks) and the Bill (in the Dolphins). That said, we are confident that the QBs in Jacksonville (v. Browns) and New York (v. New England) will continue to have traumatic, temporary consequences.

Quarterback | Running Back | Extra Wide | Extreme Ending | Rider

Likewise, we don’t worry about the safety of Tampa (vs. Falcons) or Indy’s (vs. Rams), even though we don’t like their game this week.

Quarterback | Running Back | Extra Wide | Extreme Ending | Rider

And there is a key word – matchups. That’s what D / ST is all about. We have much to learn about self-defense and error, but there are few things we know. It seems that Daniel Jones and Jared Goff will continue to be generous in the D / STs, which is why we have Washington (against the Giants) and the Packers (against the Lions) even though the latter have laid a complete egg against New Orleans. We don’t believe in Sam Darnold or Jameis Winston at all, which is why Saints (@Panthers) and Panthers (against Saints) are also playing. We will also look at Taylor Heinicke (against the Giants) every chance we get until he proves us wrong, and we would like the Cardinals to be interested enough to put them on a show against the Vikings.

Once again, we will learn a lot from looking at numbers this week, but obviously there is no excuse for playing D / ST in a bad game – you know, once we realize what makes this thing.

Note: We will be upgrading these D / ST levels as needed throughout the week. see also recent trends and reviews.

Weekly Security Plan Week 2: Who can start, stay in D / ST in fun football

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