Andros Townsend: Everton boss says his mother should be thankful for the surprise win over Burnley | Football Stories

Andros Townsend admitted that he had his mother grateful for their good things and has been enjoying Rafa Benitez’s intense love since joining Everton.

Three goals in seven electric minutes gave Everton a 3-1 win over Burnley at Goodison Park to extend their undefeated start to the Premier League season as Townsend scored the club’s memorable first goal.

Michael Keane jumped on the cross of Townsend, Townsend before heading home as a stunner from 30 yards to the main corner. This was his second goal in his last 56 Premier League game after quietly playing for Roy Hodgson at Crystal Palace.

“I have to shout at my mother,” Townsend told her Sky Games.

“Last week he sent me a video of all my goals and told me to believe it. You can see that I have a goal, I’m going back to the past. I have my own, I just need to bring it out.

Townsend became Everton’s first signature during Benitez’s time with a winger who had previously played under Spaniard in Newcastle. After spending a lot of money at Everton, this summer changed their career with Townsend and Demarai Gray, who scored three goals this season, signing for less money.

“They want everything – they don’t let us sit down,” said Townsend of Benitez.

“Demarai has started well but the manager is forcing him to go back and become a medical professional, you can answer when you lose the ball. He was the same after the game – he did not praise me for the goal. I enjoy connecting with him.

“Over the past five years at Crystal Palace, Roy Hodgson has worked hard with me to make me more defensive but now I’m here.

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What an expert said: Nev makes Mahrez a comparison ..

Sky ‘Gary Neville Games:

“If you remember how Townsend affected England. He’s a man who can cut his left foot. You think what Riyad Mahrez does, he has the potential to make a bad shot. This is about consistency, however. Now that he’s at Everton, Benitez has given him confidence to play. very good at his job because he is a good kid. “

Benitez: Players offer everything

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Everton manager Rafael Benitez talks to David Jones, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher about Everton’s 3-1 win over Burnley in the Premier League

Benitez, the former Liverpool manager, has picked up 10 points in his first four games and resumed his selection process.

He said Sky Games“I think it was less than people thought, the fans were fine. The media alone was making a noise. But around where I lived, when I came here, the fan reception was huge. I think what the fans want is a team that gives everything and can see this every day.

“Last year’s players probably weren’t playing at the level, now they’re giving away everything and fans appreciate it.

“I think that’s the only way forward. What I told the players we haven’t done. We are in the beginning, we have to fix a lot of things but we are happy because everyone is trying to do the best they can.”

Meanwhile, Burnley boss Sean Dyche he was disappointed by what Burnley did after conceding the first goal.

He said Sky Games“We let him play the game and then I followed for six minutes. You have to make things happen. I think I played the best game until he scored. We were waiting for that to happen.

“I feel we are smarter than those six minutes. This is something we have to learn from. The crowd was about to mock at times, it was on the edge. I was very disappointed with that moment.

“My mind and game are in the right place. I think the game is back in good shape.”

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