Ryan Fitzpatrick Injury Change: Washington QB was ruled out with hip injuries in Week 1

Ryan Fitzpatrick’s 2021 season has just begun.

The Washington QB was connected in the second half, falling to his right, and injuring his hip. Tyler Heinickie takes his place when Fitzpatrick plotted on the field.

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At first glance, it appears he may have suffered a shoulder injury, when defender Uchenna Nwosu stepped down and drove Fitzpatrick to the ground. Fitzpatrick walks proudly on the field and coaches in Washington.

Washington later wrote that Fitzpatrick was “doubtful” to return with a hip injury, before fully arresting him.

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Fitzpatrick, in his first season with Washington at the start, is not uncommon to be beaten. With Fitzpatrick in the middle, the team hopes to return to the playoffs after winning the NFC East last year.

Behind Heinickie, the Football Team oversees Kyle Allen, who has been acquainted with Ron Rivera since their days in Carolina.

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