Republican Campaign Of Civil Disobedience Over Vaccine Mandates Totally Flops

After President Biden ordered the vaccine, Republicans demanded that the people not listen, but the process did not go well.

Before ruling Biden, a taxpayer in Orange County, Florida, enacted a vaccination law.

According to WFTV, “At that time, 45% of its employees were fully vaccinated. Now, it is over 90%. About half the people have asked to be excused within a few days of the project, Randolph’s spokesman said. In addition, 12 left. ”

In Chicago, Only 10% of school bus drivers leave during vaccination work.

Civil disobedience and non-compliance with what Republicans called for do not occur. Soldiers do not go to AWOL. Few people, about 10%, refuse to receive the vaccine, but in a country where the vaccine is too low to stop the spread, it seems President Biden’s idea has worked.

Republicans think holding public health protests is a good policy for them, but more Americans are more likely to be free of the disease than to have access to COVID.

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