Valorant Champions Tour 2021 Phase 3 Masters Berlin: Standing After Day 2

Thanks for the Running Journey Part 3 Masters Berlin is run by 15 top Valorant teams from seven continents fighting each other to get to Test Players.

On the second day of the competition, teams from Group A, B and C vowed to secure their seats VCT Section 3 Masters Berlin Games. Below are the matches that took place on the second day of the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin:

  • Game A1 – Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex
  • Game C1 – Gambit Esports vs Crazy Raccoon
  • Game B1 – Vivo Keyd vs Team Envy

The second day of the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin saw great returns and great performances. It also had some extra time to add to the competition in the Vivo Keyd vs Team Envy games.

Courageous Walking Tour 3 Masters Berlin: Day 2

Group A

  • Acend: Win: 1, Loss: 0
  • Struggle Vision: Success: 1, Loss: 0
  • Paper Rex: Wins: 0, Loss: 1
  • Dangerous Blaze: Winner: 0, Loss: 1

Group B

  • Keyd Stars: Wins: 0, Loss: 1
  • KRÜ Games: Winners: NA, Loss: NA
  • Jealous Team: Winner: 1, Loss: 0
  • ZETA DIVIS: Wins: NA, Losses: NA

Group C

  • Gambit Games: Winner: 1, Loss: 0
  • Thieves 100: Winners: 1, Lost: 0
  • Havan Rights: Winner: 0, Loss: 1
  • Crazy Crazy: Winners: 0, Loss: 1

Group D

  • G2 Games: Win: 1, Slabs: 0
  • Supervisors: Winners: NA, Loss: NA
  • F4Q: Win: 0, Loss: 1

Courageous Tour Section 3 Masters Berlin: Second Day of Repetition

Game A1 – Vision Strikers vs Paper Rex

Vision Vision Paper Rex defeated on both maps with 13-9 lists at Haven and 13-11 at Icebox. Although Paper Rex tried as hard as it could to bring up the first map and control the first part of Icebox, it eventually failed to defeat the Vision Strikers.

Vision Strikers will now compete with Acend on September 13 to make the next stage of the VCT Stage 3 Masters. Meanwhile, Paper Rex is facing SuperMassive Blaze on Sept. 15 in a playoff game.

Game C1 – Gambit Esports vs Crazy Raccoon

Gambit Esports dominated Crazy Raccoon on the first two maps – Bind and Icebox. Both games ended 13-1 when Gambit took control of the event. There was no room for Crazy Raccoon to return.

Following their victory, Gambit Esports will face 100 Thieves on September 12. In the meantime, Crazy Raccoon will have to fight Havan Liberty on September 15. The winner of the match will go to the selection game and exit the team.

Game B1 – Vivo Keyd vs Team Envy

Team Envy won the game against Vivo Keyd by defeating them on both maps – Icebox and Bind. However, there was a lot of competition between the two teams, which is reflected in the goals that end at 13-15 at Icebox and 9-13 at Bind.

Now, Team Envy is competing against the Match B2 winner in the middle KRÜ Esports and ZETA DIVISION. Bout will take place on Day 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters. The loser will have to fight Vivo Keyd in a race to survive in the VCT Stage 3 Masters.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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