Suhana Khan’s plans for the weekend included a month-long tour of his luxury home in New York; See picture

Suhana Khan is still in the reading phase but since she announced her profile on Instagram, the teenager has been following millions of followers. Netizens and Shah Rukh KhanFollowers like to follow Suhana and see what they like to do in the Big Apple. On Sundays (Saturday evenings in NYC), Suhana took to Instagram to reveal her intentions.

His intentions were to combine the moon to look at him nice house in New York. Yes, you heard that correctly. Based on Instagram, Suhana saw the same thing as she sat near her French windows and looked up at the sky. This dream image shows Suhana sitting on a luxury bed wearing a black dress and looking out the window. New York moon can be seen from afar. The image is anything imaginable.

See Suhana Khanphoto below:

Recently, Suhana shared a photo from the same location in her home in New York. He was seen sleeping in the picture when he was photographed with a cloud emoji. The view from the Suhana dormitory in New York is amazing to say the least of how you can see the long climb and enough light that enters the house.

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