Apple Watch Series 2 Almost Had A Cellular Interaction

The idea of ​​a smartwatch that can make calls sounds like science fiction, probably earlier in the day. However, these “scientific myths” came true when we began to have smart watches connected to cells. Instead, Apple also introduced such a watch in the Apple Watch Series 3.

However, according to a tweet posted by DongleBookPro, it seems that it was not always his idea. The Twitter account, which is known for covering a number of technologies, shared images of the Apple Watch Series 2. As you can see in the picture, it plays a red crown which is a sign that it is connected to the phone.

However, as most of you know, Apple only released smartphones with the Series 3, but this shows that Apple was already monitoring in Series 2 before. However, according to the tweet, the system was canceled because the modem used in Series 2 had 60% or less failure and could heat up all the time.

This eventually led Apple to put their Apple Watch 2 computer concept in place, instead of waiting for Series 3. We don’t know if it would have made a big difference if it was introduced in Series 2, but it’s interesting to see the design and development behind some of today’s most advanced devices.

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