Invisible Instruments Behind the noise associated with Havana Syndrome: US

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If you are familiar with a disease known as Havana syndrome neural disorders which concerns the growing number of US spy agents working abroad – you may know some of the just a myth around which can cause the disease. In the meantime, we may be able to obtain microwave ovens from the list of suspects, according to the US State department scientific analysis it was available by BuzzFeed News.

The report was completed in 2018 by JASON, a scientific leadership team which works with a number of government agencies, including the Pentagon, which has been deeply affected about the mysterious diseases that plague their members. The commission recently contacted a team investigating the possible effects of nausea, headaches, and dizziness. that the ambassadors were hearing and a microwave party tool. And years later experts in the field are showing how to do it impossible scientifically and accurately a tool like this would have been, it looks like the same advisory committee had agreed.

“No single energy source (even radio / microwave or sonic) can produce everything audio / audio recordings and medical results, “a JASON report said.

How do they feel about the noise that government officials are being tied to by outside demonstrations? Snake. In particular, short Indies cricket, according to a JASON report. As for the reason why cricket singing can cause dizziness and nausea among spies, the report shows that it is “psychogenic” In other words, although nerve problems can be real, its source is psychological.

To reach their conclusion, JASON researchers compared the recordings of a Havana patient’s phone — along with eight other recordings of medical experiences that occurred before Havana’s disease — and compared the sensitivity they felt with the various insect recordings. And this is not the first time people have known this word as cricketing; in 2019, two researchers who published articles by the Associated Press came forward the same.

Meanwhile, JASON’s report rules out microwave- or ultrasound-based weaponry as potential culprits because… the sounds didn’t match the frequencies either of those tools would make.

Of course, this report was written in 2018, and it clearly sanayime U.S. officials have released the idea of ​​a microwave in any case since then. But when we come soon to acknowledge that these weapons are impossible, we can invest more in providing support to the victims.

Correction: A previous chapter also stated that cricket is the cause of the disease, which is not true. Crickets are the source of words linked to the disease. We are sorry that we made a mistake.

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