Back Shutder For Animals Slasher Horror Doc Series Trailer

One, two, Freddy is coming!
Drawing picture: I tremble

Distractions Behind the Animals and a number of records that pay homage to the biggest and bloodiest names in the game. The first trailer is available and looks interesting, by Tom Savini, Heather Langenkamp, ​​Doug Bradley, Tony Todd, and other well-known people traveling with them to share their experiences and expertise.

If there is one sign of short movies, and that the killers themselves are the true stars; with the exception of a few, young men with knives, machetes, razorblade nails, Angry bees, demon-possessed demons in the middle, as well as other production equipment are what the audience remembers most when they leave the theater. They are the ones who come back again and again, the next one after that. As new Halloween movie, Halloween Map, planning to make theater and print, Shudder laughs at their latest series celebrating the horror genre. See Behind the Animals.

With Shudder’s permission, here are all the slasher calls they receive Behind the Animals treatment, along with other people who will consider their history and culture:

  • candy man, with interviews and preliminary candy man (1992) director Bernard gets up and the stars Tony Todd and Virginia Madsen; candy man (2021) director Our DaCosta; and Dangerous Noire‘s Tananarive Cause, among others.
  • Chucky, in conversation with Baby Play (1988) creator / author Don Mancini, the director Tom Holland and the stars Catherine Hicks, along with Chucky’s words, Brad Dourif, among others.
  • Jason Voorhees, including interviews with Kane Hodder, actor / stuntman from Friday the 13th Sections VII & VIII, Jason Goes To Hell and Jason x, and Tom Savini, The creator of the results Friday the 13th Phases I & IV, among others.
  • Michael Myers, with interviews with the artist Nick Castle from Halloween it’s new Halloween movies from Blumhouse, as well Halloween (2018) stunt player James Jude Courtney, among others.
  • Freddy Krueger, including interviews with Dangers on Elm Street (1984) by Wes Craven New Heat (1994) star Heather Langenkamp and Lin Shaye, as well as the manufacturer of special effects Jim Doyle, among others.
  • The head of the ring, including interviews with Hellraiser player Doug Bradley and others.

Behind the Animals First on October 27 at Shudder.

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