George Lucas Gets Star Wars 6-Inch Black Series Action Photo

Based on “McClunkey!” I think George can’t beat it.
Figure: Photo by Lucasfilm / Hasbro

George Lucas has entered the Galactic Empire. It’s sad, but it has to be true, because he is a very new person Alirezadear ones Star Wars: Black List toyline, Stormtrooper’s war games and the E-11 Blaster Rifle, the Emperor’s best-known weapon. I doubt this turn to Darkness will protect the collectorss in selecting the image, however.

Lucas’ most recent body will arrive next year, in his own time Lucasfilm50th Anniversary, in memory of the founder of the company that gave it to us Star Wars. In addition to the blaster, it comes with a removable helmet and a shape that isn’t really good, but what can you do. (Destroyer: Alone he hid himself like Stormtrooper. Phew!)

Figure: Photo by Lucasfilm / Hasbro

This isn’t the director’s first show, though! The honor goes to the 3.75-inch doll that was released as a special in 2002 Star Wars Celebrating, and making him the most wanted person. Glorious and / or charming, he was named the X-Wing pilot Jorg Sacul, who is said to have grown up in Tatooine, nearly died in a T-16 Skyhopper accident (as Lucas did in a car accident as a teenager), joined the Imperial army, became a senior in his class, rebelled against the Rebels, and became a pilot general. aircraft and a well-known consultant. Oh, and it was “probably” Forced, too.

There were other statistics after that, though they didn’t go together miraculously reputation. He was also asked about the same in Stormtrooper weapons in the 2006 Saga Collection series, which is only available as a Hasbro page. He was greatly released after Hasbro made a photo of Baron Papanoida, a guest Lucas who played with Revenge of the Sith as he alone came in the movies. But if you want someone to wear the usual George, you have to go back to 2002, when Toy Toys – yes, that Hot Toys-He creates an unlicensed picture of Lucas, calling him himself “Leader.”

You won’t have the easiest (or cheapest) time tracking that toy down, but the new Black Series figure is a different story. Pre-orders open tomorrow, September 29, at 1:oo p.m. ET on Amazon.


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