Brazilian Officials To Check Apple On iPhone 13 Lack of Charger

Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple stopped mixing charging for bricks with its phones, citing natural causes as a cause. Unsurprisingly, this continued for the iPhone 13, but unfortunately for Apple, it could be in jeopardy in Brazil as security officials in the country announce the company’s investigation.

If this sounds good, it’s because Apple was in 2020 was forced to integrate chargers for his iPhones in Brazil and earlier this year, he was paid $ 2 million. You think Apple would have expected this and included chargers for the iPhone 13, in Brazil, to avoid this issue, but no.

It would probably be cheaper for Apple to just pay a fee instead of just adding chargers, plus when customers are “forced” to buy chargers, they can repay the money right away.

Speaking to TechTudo, who first commented on the matter, Procon-SP CEO Fernando Capez stressed that it is illegal to sell a phone and charger separately because it allows customers to buy two items. He also said that although Apple claims to have informed customers that the iPhone 13 needs a charger in the box, it is not enough.

Capez also said that he is now reviewing the court’s ability to support customers who feel it should be offered a free charger.

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