Best Bears of 2021, Selected

132’s spring baby.
Figure: National Park Service /

The best time of the year is back, baby. On Wednesday, the National Park Service will begin each year Fat Bear Week Competition.

The council encouraged us to eat ursa chonkus and Fat Bear Junior Week, but now the rotten bears in the Brooks River are ready for battle. The competition takes place every year in honor of bears that have eaten sockeye fish and other food in preparation for hiding. Katmai National Park and Preserve in combination with allow people to vote on the twelve most recognizable bears in competitive sports. Last year, more than 600,000 voted for the bracket.

Bear bacteria have been established. Tourney starts tomorrow. Yes, all the fat bears are good. But some fat bears are pretty good. Here are the ones I think should be in the top five this year, based on weight loss, happiness, and most of all, obesity. This is a very serious and very difficult situation. If you want your success, my guess, a competitive advantage, pay close attention to this essential tool.

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