Apple’s plans for the iPad OLED could be an issue

When Apple unveiled its 12.9-inch iPad Pro earlier this year, it launched a new LED display. It’s an interesting choice that Apple uses YOU ARE for his iPhones, but perhaps a bigger OLED display that would have been more expensive. However, we heard a noise that Apple could make such a tablet, but now it seems that the idea may have been preserved.

According to Korea Elec Council, it was reported that Apple is working with Samsung to create a 10.68-inch OLED iPad. With Samsung as one of the world’s leading OLED manufacturers right now, it’s no surprise that Apple would have asked for help.

Both companies have worked together in the past and are still doing so, as this will not be a real challenge. However, the report said that due to a number of setbacks, both companies have terminated their communications operations. The reasons for the ban are not clear, as they are said to have been due to technical difficulties, benefits, or both.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but it is difficult to say how true this story is. Also, considering that to be true, we doubt that this means that Apple has completely eliminated their ideas. It is possible that they may try to find another vendor or resume negotiations with Samsung in the future.

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