Apple Says ‘Jelly Scrolling’ The effects on the iPad Mini are unusual

Many were pleased to hear Apple’s announcement refresh and refresh to iPad mini layouts, but the excitement soon subsided when it became known as the tablet it seems to be struggling with the problem of walking through and displaying. This seems to be caused by the revitalizing poles intersecting together, making them look more flexible as you walk.

Apple has responded to this issue, but unfortunately it is probably not the answer customers are expecting. In a statement issued by ArsTechnica in response to a question asked by Apple, Apple said this was a “normal procedure” when it came. LCD artwork. Because of this line-by-line display, any delay between revisions can bring this as a sweetness.

Wait, it’s not much of an Apple and LCD, and why are we just hearing this now? Apple has used LCDs for a long time on iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers, but as ArsTechnica points out, this seems to be particularly noticeable on the new iPad mini.

That being said, since Apple feels this is not an issue, it means that they may not be able to provide memory or apps since they have them, there is nothing to fix. If you’ve already bought an iPad mini, then you should probably try to put it back on the back window, or while you’re still on the fence, go to the Apple Store to test yourself to see if it looks enough to distract you.

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