Amazon Echo Show 15 Is A Wall mural Slideshow

Last week, we mentioned that Amazon might be working on a new Echo project which can take the form of a wall-mounted wall. Apparently the rumors were there for the money because the company unveiled their new version of the Echo Show 15, a small 15-inch display designed to be on the wall.

Amazon is no stranger to smart ideas, but the display is a little different because it looks like a peg board, or a graphic design as you can see in its design. This is in contrast to other Echo smart displays that look like speakers with a built-in display.

With the new Echo Show 15, Amazon has introduced a refreshing approach that allows users to create things like family reminders, weather displays, home invitations, video commercials, photo shows, and much more. There is also a new Visual ID feature that obviously displays content only based on those in the room.

Sounds like a lot of noise, but at the same time it’s useful. The new Amazon Echo Show 15 at a cost of $ 150 and is expected to be available for purchase by the end of this year, so take a closer look if it sounds like something you can find useful.

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