Alfred Enoch on Raych’s actions in Hari in preparation for survival

Raych Seldon (Alfred Enoch) looks strong.
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Have you been looking Foundation? Apple TV + left the first two phases a Isaac Asimov change last week, so far a more it’s happened. For actor Alfred Enoch, who plays Raych Seldon, the second episode, “Preparing for Life,” was a huge success. io9 got a chance to talk to Harry the Creator and How to Survive and Kill player about Raych, especially what the character goes through that leads him to sharpness.

While Raych whom we meet in the series is a little different from the book – he is still the adopted child of mathematician Hari Seldon (Jared Harris), despite many other changes — Enoch was able to use what he wrote in writing how he was portrayed. “All the things that are written are the beginning, so you go in there to see what works, what doesn’t work, and then I hope you can make sense of the words and actions of the character,” Enoch told io9 in a recent video interview. “I think one of the most important things about this timeline is the relationship between Raych and Hari. There is a very strong relationship there that is not just professional. and The therapist, but most of all, you have the power to be a parent and a son. That’s what the show goes into and it gives a lot of fire to the fire. ”

According to experts, “Raych is Hari’s assistant, but not in the traditional way,” Enoch said. “He’s not like the assistant you would think a student would have. I’m a little connected. He’s not a mathematician. This is where his skills do not lie, but he’s helpful and he can take care of himself and others. [Raych] plays a major role in Hari’s work an idea of ​​how to move things forward with his plan. So there is a lot of responsibility there and the price is very high. As we know, we are struggling with a plan to save humanity and human knowledge. What is difficult is the balance between them and the intimate relationship. And when these things begin to contradict, that’s when we start to collide. ”

Gaal (Lou Llobell) and Hari (Jared Harris) face music.
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In the series, Hari-Raych’s relationship begins to change as Hari realizes that, mathematically, the Galactic empire has come to an end. The intensity increases when young Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell) arrives to work with Hari, and instead finds himself in touch with all of Hari’s followers as they are transported to another planet at the very end of the galaxy. . Along the way, Raych and Gaal are able to form a lasting relationship. “[With Hari, Raych, and Gaal], Forms the triangular shape. This is very interesting when, in the view of each of the two, the other is an invisible object, the type of elephant in the room, “Enoch says.” What are the results, you ask? All right …

Raych and Gaal in happier times.
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After Raych learns from Gaal that Hari’s endtimes theory might have some key pieces missing, he stabs his father figure, then puts Gaal in a cryosleep-enabled escape pod before sending her off to parts unknown. It’s a startling turn for a character whose loyalties had, seemingly, only just begun to waver. “In a sense, we’ve outlined a lot of the dynamics at play, and there he is trying to navigate those opposing forces,” Enoch said of Raych’s drastic action. “Speaking of that episode, it’s brilliant. I remember [starting the script for] part two and I went, ‘Wait, what’s going on here? ‘And I came to the end, and I was startled. It was amazing, after the shock, after fear. But there was something satisfying to find that the story was distorted and completely changing, but I feel it is very encouraging and not affected at all. ”

Even surprihouse show-injection episodes aren’t the only violence we see in the early episodes — Enoch thinks Foundation it is still a matter of hope. “I hope it’s something that, of course, makes people happy, but it encourages people to think about how our community is or where we fit into our relationship with the authorities and learn and its importance. I [hope] it makes people meditate, because I think it is an interesting thing that can happen when we are given a world different from ours, which illuminates. It gives us an idea – maybe a little farther when we can begin to see things that we may not have realized otherwise. If it can make you think a little bit and make people happy, I will be happy with that. ”

New sections a Foundation arrive Friday on Apple TV +.

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