Pictures of Star Wars Droids Retro, NECA Alf

Figure: NECA, Alireza, Topps x Mego

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, the io9 cycle for all the good stuff and plastics on the internet soon. This week, behind Alf, not for Pand form! Also, Star Wars goes back to the classic Droids new artwork, and New Batman Adventures The Joker moment begins to take action. Look!

Figure: Alireza

Hasbro Star Wars: Images of Vintage Collection Droids

Disney continues to squeeze every last drop of sales from every end Star Wars property, and now since animated Droids the series is on Disney + and probably enjoying new fans, Hasbro is raising the latest 3.75-inch numbers on the list. This time he is in detail and clearly, though it looks like paint works are being kept. Available only from Target, Artoo, Threepio, and Boba Fett each will refund $ 16 each, while the new Black Series six inches of Boba Fett will also be available, playing the same vintage color but for $ 27 for the price.

Figure: Drugs

Medicom MAFEX Symbiote Suit Spider-Man Figure

Another well-known outfit by Peter Parker (sorry for the Bag-Man fans) is Spidey’s latest arrival on Medicom’s MAFEX line. Restoring the myth Secret Wars-a suit that brought destruction after Peter celebrated Black Was In, this new photo comes with a lot of knitting accessories, plus a very nice Peter bag to keep all his belongings in the middle. On top of the other arms to reflect the image, there are three distinct headpieces: two veils, one with wide suits and one with narrow lenses, as well as a third fixed motion that gives Pete a balanced glow, and has another neck piece to shift sideways. in a suit around Peter’s neck. He will reimburse you $ 82 when he frees Japan from July 2022.[[[[Toyark]

Figure: NECA

Photo of NECA Ultimate ALF

In all 80s a list revived by various search services, and a lawsuit against a contract that no one has brought ALF back to radio. NBC’s sitcom brought a variety of exotic livelihoods into our old rooms long ago Destroyer he said, but I also add a comforting smile. But aat least someone honors memory yes ALF. NECA is carrying a furry foreigner full of clear words and additions based on what he did earlier, including his favorite: the Tanners cat. There are currently no pricing or pre-order prices, but it is expected to be released sometime in s2022 release.

Figure: Hot Toys

Amazing Hot Toys What if…? Photo by Hydra Stomper and Steve Rogers Six-Scale Set Set

Be honest, the first thing that came to your mind when Hydra Stomper was launched in Marvel’s What if…? You would expect the Hot Springs to release a more sophisticated Stark mech, would you? These sixth picture Not only does it include the 11-inch Steve-Roger (without capturing Captain America) with 30+ words, but the 8-inch Hydra Stomper with eight-point design, bright LED eyes and arc camera, and an open frame which reveals enough space inside for Rogers to board. Most of the prices are still unknown, but the location will probably cost north of $ 500, and you will have to wait until the first or second quarter of 2023 to arrive.

Figure: Topps

2021 Topps x Mego Borg Queen Photo

Topps’ recent week has been thrown out Star Trek Megos gives us two screens recorded from TNG time: invisible on top with a TNG-era Evil. Depending on its shape in First Introduction, retro vibro and fun mishmash with Borg embellishment, stripping off the queen’s living technologies and transforming it with a complete suit. The headculpt is pretty though – and if you want this figure, you only have a few days left the shortcut window closes, Actual release three months from now.[[[[Toyark]

Figure: Drugs

Drugs The New Batman Adventures Image of MAFEX Joker

Can you have a lot of bad movie books all the time from what they appear in the best movie era all the time? Should you ask? Although it was just 6.3-inch, Medicom’s MAFEX Joker, based on its appearance The New Batman Adventures, one of the aftermath of a loved one Batman: Animation, he will come with a fine The $ 105 price tag will be officially available in July next year. The program of the image is not made of gold, but it includes two head pillars, flexible arms, tools that include a printed plane made of folded coins, and more word, plus a smart knee that makes the Joker pumps look good and sturdy.

Figure: Create-A-Bear Assembly

Build-A-Bear Assembly Beetlejuice Bear

Alireza. If you love your Halloween celebrations to be more beautiful, the Build-a-Bear conference has provided Beetlejuice and teddy bear with a blue-green head, a a black and white striped suit, and a combat weapon that plays six Michael Keatons from the movie. Don’t worry if I hit local malls to build yours, however; Beetlejuice is $ 52 for internet only, and it arrives already full.

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