Jazzy Netflix Opening Cowboy Bebop Unveils Yoko Kanno

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There are also a number of anime slots that are so heated by the psyche as Cowboy Bebop“Tank!”. Advanced animation has been discussed respect and parody for many years, but with a round, deceptive music and bass of Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts‘a headline that has confirmed weebs love jazz more than anything in the same years since then.

At a recent Netflix Tudum conference, the runner gave us a short summary of the André Nemec show what to do Cowboy Bebop in, well, right-here. But I’m a little perverted: we couldn’t really see it Spike Spiegel by John Cho and friends traveling in the air ready to receive their best; Instead, we first looked at the low, beautiful list that Netflix is ​​constantly asking about wanting to skip a few months. And the song gives a good tribute to the original.

New opening videos need to be taken seriously, yes, not to mention the fast-paced visuals on the list. But what we are really Here are a few excerpts from one of the full-time songwriters of the last few decades, the well-known Yoko Kanno. Kanno’s work in the beginning Bebop is popular for a reason, but its back book has some meaningful functions, such as distractions, electric shocks yes Spirit in the Skull: Standalone Complex; a descriptive epics Macross Also; and well-known choir music and loud strings of absolutely incredible Edit A Gundam songs. The truth we find in Kanno’s material on these experiments Bebop It is reason enough to celebrate, but that is new material-like Exhibitors and exhibitors have also exhibited, About related items the spirit of the original anime, instead of just repeating what happened in the past – it’s very special.

Cowboy Bebop, With Mustafa Shakir as Jet Black, Daniella Pineda as Faye Valentine, at least Two Best Boys Like Ein, I will be ready to show this when it comes to Netflix on November 19. 3, 2, 1 …

Review 9/25/2021, 2: 45 pm ET: The previous version of Bebop’s headline has changed dramatically. He did not.

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