Instagram Fixes Annoying iOS 15 Bug That Killed Audio Story

Figure: Chandan Khanna (Getty Images)

If you have already installed iOS 15, you may have noticed that Instagram has been doing something annoying when it is not playing on Instagram accounts unless you turn on your iPhone. Today Instagram has released an app that fixes the virus.

This has been a problem since iOS 15 was first released as beta. Instagram has changed its voice on News as the iPhone ringer has been silenced. This is not how the input switch should work – it just emits voice prompts, calls, and alarms, which are not audible in the app. Other than that, why you don’t shut up the phone doesn’t mean you don’t want to blow up your favorite music or watch your nemesis fooling around on Instagram.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the postlens mode rang causing problems in Instagram from iOS 14. However, it seems that this was not just a matter of speculation for developers and public betas for iOS 15.

Instagram has launched another blogg, as he sees 9to5Mac, that related to the small notch of the iPhone 13. If you are using a new iPhone, it probably haI’ve noticed that this search bar is located at the bottom of the iOS screen, which makes it harder to search, access your DMs, and much more.

You do not have to do anything special to fix it. All you have to do is download the latest updates. That said, this is a good example of why you might want to wait a little longer before making the latest apps or phones. Facebook has released a quick fix for people who post this, however anyone who has been selling software or betas in public has been dealing with this error for months. Of course, it’s not a bad mistake and iOS 15 has been solid now. Even so, the first few weeks of new software are often accompanied by small but annoying bugs like this. Now as soon as we find Instagram to find the updates that restore the pre-defined.

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