How to Use Drag and Drop feature for iPhone to Move Files Between Apps

With iOS 15, Apple has released several new ones on the iPhone and one of them is Drag and Drop. This has been on the iPad for a while but now iPhone users on iOS 15 can also use this to make it easier to use their phones. In this tutorial, I will tell you how to use Drag and Drop on iPhone to move photos, videos, notes, and other files between apps.

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Use the Drag and Drop feature of the iPhone to Move Photos

The Drag and Drop feature gives users the option to simply drag and drop files such as photos from one app to another and you no longer need to download items to send them to other objects. Read on to find out more.

Which Programs Affect Drag and Drop?

Before we begin the process, let us know some of the programs that support this. Note, this is not available on all apps on your iPhone. In order to use this site, developers must first integrate their software.

Currently, Apple’s apps including Safari, Messages, Messages, and Files support this. Also, third-party applications such as Gmail and Telegram support Drag and Drop.

What files can you download and drop?

Now that you know the apps that support this, you also need to know what you can download and drop these apps. First of all, you can drag and drop Photos that are visible. Apart from this, you can download text, videos, links, audio, and PDFs. However, note that both programs must support file type.

Steps to Use Drag and Drop on iPhone

Now let’s move the steps to apply this to your phone:

1. First, open the app’s support program. For example, I drag an image from Safari to Messages. The steps are the same if you want to drag words, links, or any other files.

2. Now select the image you want to drag, hold your finger until you have moved a little.

3. Do not raise your finger on the window and pull it until it starts to float.

4. Just press your finger and open the other finger in the program you want to discard the image.

5. Now, with the finger that saves the image go to the program you are going to and press the finger to drop the image.

If you want to send multiple images, click one or more images if you are in the Photos app, just select one image until it floats and then click on other images to add this. Then with another finger open the destination program and send it.

Here’s how to use Drag and Drop feature on your iPhone to move photos, videos, notes, or any other file. For more iOS 15 apps, stay here with us on TV.

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