DC’s Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa Video Adding Randall Park, Indya Moore

Indya Moore attends the 2018 Women’s Beautiful Summit: Women Rise in New York City.
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Jason Momoa has begun to turn in support Dulu soon, but there is more work to be done: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, next to James Wan |‘s 2018 blockbuster about water that lives underwater frequentlyDC Comics heroes. The video is now in production and the actors, who already have a return face from the original film, have just added new names and their replacements known.

As Hollywood writer notes, Jani Zhao, Indya Moore, and Vincent Regan comes along with Randall Park — the finalist who has revived his role from the first film as Atlantis marine biologist Dr. Stephen Shin. (For those who keep good at home, yes, Park is also a Marvel guy; his character in the universe, Jimmy Woo, had a big role to play WandaVision.)

As for the three, here is what THR has to say about their responsibilities. Zhao is “a mysterious man named Stingray. It’s not clear if the drama is a bad one but it’s the original character who made the film.” Moore (one of stars For FX Make) will be “Old to Karshon DC. The first character was the evil Green Lantern (first appeared in 1963 Green Lamp Na. 24) a former shark who, after being exposed to radiation, acquired intellectual and telepathic powers. “And Regan will play”Atlan, the former governor of Atlantis who caused the city to sink into the sea. The behavior appeared briefly in 2018 Aquaman video and starring Graham McTavish. One movie in the film records that Aquaman found the Atlan trinity. ”

Along with these new characters, as well as Momoa like Aquaman, The Lost Kingdom he has brought back Patrick Wilson (Snake), Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIManta Manta), Amber Heard (Mera), and Dolph Lundgren (Emperor Nereus). The video currently has a release date December 16, 2022.

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