15-inch Wall mounted Amazon Echo Device Can Be In Work

Since the first Echo made its appearance, over the years, Amazon has made a variety of changes to the line and created new designs and new variations for its Echo speakers. This includes creating smaller models like the Echo Dot, for Echo speakers that come with a built-in display.

Now according to a report from Bloomberg, it looks like Amazon could be re-using other Echo instruments, except that the brand could be the largest company to date. The report says the Echo device will have a 15-inch display and will be mounted on the wall.

This suggests that Amazon would be looking to make the Echo part a smart home space where users can use it instead of climate change and streamline everything on display. It can also be used as a visual display from security cameras or smart home devices like the Ring, which is also owned by Amazon.

Sounds like fun, though we don’t know how much the device would cost here. Amazon is expected to launch the event on September 28th, which is why we need to have more on these devices (and others) there.

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