The Apple Watch Series 7 Comes With an Amazing 60.5GHz Wireless Transfer Module

In a recent report from MacRumors, he noted FCC recording of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 7 which revealed that the outfit is coming with a new component that will support wireless transfer to 60.5GHz. However, there is a possibility that this can only be used.

The record shows that this is triggered when placed in a magnetic field with a frequency range of 60.5GHz. It has long been suggested that it may be used by Apple Stores to help reset the wireless watch, but it has also raised some concerns about what it could mean for future Apple sales.

For example, the rumors we’ve been hearing about are how Apple jumps USB-C fairly make the iPhone unlimited. Here it is said that Apple is looking for a way out allow such an iPhone to erase data, Hence the idea of ​​using a 60.5GHz band probably would not be very broad.

There are also comments that just say they might be connected Apple is coming with AR / VR glasses, which facilitates some kind of connection between the headphone jack and the watch. Either way, this is just speculation so you don’t have any hope here. For all we know, there can be nothing but a way to allow Apple Store to reset watches without the need for wires.

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