Suicide Squad James Gunn on Peacemaker Spinoff Choice

Back Forward‘s Lea Thompson and Christoper Lloyd we will reconnect to a small window for a short play time. Someone please let her go Vincent D’Onofrio play Kingpin again. Combining a new look on Dune, effects from Venom, The Walking Dead, and more. Spoilers screaming “TGIF!”

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The Little Mermaid

He appears as a guest on Disney’s “For Scores” podcast (via Variety), Alan Menken revealed what Disney is doing The Little Mermaid he has four new songs written by himself and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Book of Boba Fett

As for music, Songwriter confirms DestroyerLudwig Göransson is back for the awards Book of Boba Fett at Disney +.

MCU / Spider-Man: No Way Back

In conversation with Screen Rant, Vincent D’Onofrio also bluntly stated how much he “wants” to play Kingpin in the MCU.

I really want to sing that person again. I love this character. I have to wait for Marvel to ask me. I think it would be obvious if I did, and the fans know that I would skip the chance to sing again. I just need to be questioned.


Rob Zombie shared a few new photos of 1313 Mockingbird Lane on his Instagram.


Chinese video for Dulu includes a ton of new conversations and video.

Problem: Disease

New Allow To Have Carnage TV video accessed cappella translation of “Amazing Grace.”

Great HBO girl

According to new rumors (via Hashtag display), a new Supergirl series featuring Sasha Calle–whose personal appearance will begin to appear in the upcoming Flash video–growing to HBO Max.

Then Stop, Christmas

Back ForwardLea Thompson and Christoper Lloyd have teamed up Then Stop, Christmas – Hallmark video shown in November in which a woman (Thompson) “imagines what her life would be like if she married an ex-boyfriend who became a professional athlete. Unfortunately, Angie has the opportunity to go back to Christmas and learn what – and who – is most important to her. ”


In conversation with THR, James Gunn also said that he considered the Peacemaker to be the best choice in the game of suicide bomber since the man “still has a lot to learn.”

At the end of the Suicide Squad, [Idris Elba’s] Bloodsport learns a lot. He is a better person than he was at first. Most writers are better off than they were before, and the Peacemaker has much to learn. It is a learning ability that for me makes him a little lovable. Its blind spots in some areas are dangerous, and in some places they become unconscious. I think it’s important to be different as well. It opens right away, sometimes.

The Walking Dead

Connie finds herself trapped in an “empty” house in this week’s episode The Walking Dead.

Doom destruction

Finally, tDoom Patrol ali Beaten to death in a trailer for next week’s episode-“Unscrupulous Supervisors.”

Jim Cook’s art

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