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A lot of Star Trek: Dirty Decks has always wanted to take the old format with Place from the past and fix them or drilling holes it is the joy of love. That’s why it’s important to see the series grow not just one, but two fun old-timers and not play them again if they laugh – even if they’re still using them to strengthen the relationship between the players.

“Where the Beautiful Fountains Are Found” also shares his story in a well-known way of burying Rutherford and the Tent, followed by Boimler and Mariner, various religions old-fashioned Journey layers of archetypes (fun part is about comfort zones, but we’ll get to that later). The first, Tent and Rutherford’s – the last in particular – is very annoying Journey gag: an idea of ​​the highest quality that their expertise and development only looks like high-end clothing in the studio dressing department that you can rent for a couple of weeks. In this way, he comes up with an interesting interest in a little explorer, Paul Scheer’s Chief Engineer, Billups, who, apparently, left the royal life – and continued the royal blood, in particular – in his homeland to join Starfleet. Like his mother, The Queen Billups (he himself is just watching Violent mothers of Troi Lwaxana, although he had limited access to Majel Barrett’s camp), and his royal reputation began to hit the USS Productsdoor to prepare and process requests, chief draws Rutherford to the old sex life.

It’s an amazing mishmash of all the “seasonal” development itself Journey has always been fascinated by, whether by wild gods like Trelane or Q, which only seem like readers as a way to express themselves to the “lesser” races, Holodeck’s programs as JourneyHaven Fair, or cultural groups such as TNG‘m, a … not the best colonists of Bringloid V. But it also plays another long side of Journey a little smarter than most Low Decks humor: interesting ‘fun I play sex, sex, and in many ways, heteronormativity in the future wisely.

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Billups’ mothers have lived their entire lives since their son left for the Federation trying to seduce her — not because the Billups have a problem doing this. Instead, he gives of himself. The backsliding laws of his people include some of his followers losing their virginity to ascend to the throne. If Billups commits adultery, it means they have announced their intentions to become a successor and become king. Like other stages this season, it all starts to depend on each other people around you. Rutherford is drawn to the hard-hitting song and dance of Billups’ close relationship with his mother, when the latter try to persuade him to join him, while the former is frustrated that his family and people are in trouble ignoring the pride he takes at his job and his life as a Starfleet engineer. to him.

It’s the same with Rutherford and Tendi forcing him to go to the same section with the Billups at the start – trying to help a colleague dealing with delayed confidence and he went out of his place. But the move goes backwards as Rutherford’s mother and Billups’ mother appear to have been accidentally killed, but only to discover that they were new to the Queen’s (horrible) attempts to get their son back to Space. It depends on the people around you, what Billups and Queen don’t have – but Tendi and Rutherford, and unveil the plot in time to savehief where his heart wants it to be: round, instead of three.

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Depending on the story of the day in Boimler and Mariner, as well. Accompanying staff Someone Star Trek Evil Computer to Daystrom Institute for containment-Agimus, the best way to change Journey legend is a man with a million faces Jeffrey Combs-Boimler is found to have been given another prestigious job to assist Mariner in a busy career. It’s something that puts a little bit of in the relationship they’ve renewed this season. Matters come to a head when, like all good maritime services, an emergency arises, and the two of them suddenly find themselves in a world without food. There is no life except for a few wild animals on the move and limited access to troubleshooting information, including the evil computer then really wants to be integrated into every wallet you can find her tigers. Dehydration, fatigue, fear, and seemingly repeated repetitive black licorice, Boimler and Mariner’s relationship is tested, and almost broke when Agimus can reveal that Mariner was the one who gave it to Boimler, believing he was unprepared for such a dangerous task despite repeated remarks about time. which was inside Titan.

It is a great controversy and it shows that the work that the two have done so far to end the conflict between them is continuously works, and is not resolved even when they are moving too far stay about once. But it has been a very good thing when, after it appeared he had decided to join Agimus and used the evil power of a computer to seize a wrecked ship that was sailing to survive, it has been revealed that Boimler made at least one one of a handwritten video by Mariner to confirm the AI ​​that was on his side. He just ended up allowing computer power to light the lamp, not only the ship, but most of all, Boimler takes a long part in showing how much trust was restored between him and Mariner – what he did for him was not good, but he understood that his intentions were set. This, and he has come a long way to be able to make a clear impression of Agimus as he was initially answered, so the reliance is not just to get him back, but to rely on himself to complete the task, like any good Starfleet supervisor.

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That’s the thing that makes “Where the Pleasant Fountain Lies” more than the amount of its authorized display shares. By building on the interdependence of our heroes, including the climate that has been more psychologically stable and more advanced than before, Low Decks it finds itself in a heart that is larger than its love of the idea of ​​what Star Trek is, and stupid and fun those ideas can be original. And as the list goes on and on, the most important part of the road that we can’t wait to see the list go on and on.

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