Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Launches New Green Plan

Something would have gone away had it not been for you interfering with the children.
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Speaking on the floor of the building Wednesday night, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene used the Scooby-Doo logo to explain what she claims Democrats are secretly hiding parts of the Green New Deal in a bipartisan bill. He said he would bind the US to slavery in China. What … All right?

“This is the easiest thing you can find online, but this is real,” says Taylor Greene. “The Green New Deal is amazing, it only works in China and China.”

The meme is a section that is most commented on by Taylor Greene because it is absurd to see a Congressman standing next to the lower section you should see on Facebook, while Taylor Greene probably stays longer. But all 30-minute speech was exactly the same on the kooky wall. In his remarks, Greene said the “Green New Deal” has been included in the construction bill, and has been budgeted for $ 3.5 trillion. “Thus, the Scooby-Doo meme is not only useful, but it is a true illustration of his” mind. “(I use a very relaxed word.)

“The Green New Deal is becoming a reality in America – which is a tragedy,” Greene said. Agree on an argument, I think.

Surprisingly, there is no real or factual evidence on Greene’s statement to substantiate his claim that a construction bill for irrigation is a Troublemaker, a promiscuous Green New Deal. Nor is there any clear indication that the American people will be arrested in China for scattering less money (more importantly) to repair our roads and bridges. In his remarks, Greene wrote to Democrats that he wanted to make the US “rely on China just to drive a car or a car.” He showed a meme of Chinese President Xi Jinping with a clear message in the Impact font “I HAVE JOE BIDEN / AND NOW I AM AFGHANISTANS [sic] LITHIUM DEPOSITS “when it was said that Biden was supervised by Sen. Bernie Sanders and that” the vaccine police and the weather forecasters should monitor everything you do. ”

And, obviously, he sprinkled a lot of cheating season all over the season. “Climate change has changed throughout the history of the world, and no taxes that everyone can pay can change the climate,” he said. “This is true, of course, unresolved, such as climate change, and climate justice.” Yes, thank you Marjorie.

Seeing his speech disturbed my brain. As a quick reminder, Greene once put the idea that wildfires were started by Democrat-controlled lasers, so we’re not dealing with anyone with a solid scientific record here. And it is clear that many of these salad recipes are simply thrown together to elevate its Q-loving base.

But it’s one thing to laugh at memes that took the depth of 8chan out of the house as a spectacle – that’s it very dangerous to understand that the elected official, in particular, uses where the people are planning to make his or her actual decisions. It was very clear when Taylor Greene read directly the Green New Deal laws which deal with promises of fair justice and employment as if only the words should be despised. Doing so is in line with other GOP terrorist members, such as Rep. Lauren Boebert, who sold A silent hamburger plot who were criticized earlier this year as well to attack Biden’s elect. (In strange and completely incompatible matters, Boebert failed to explain about $ 1 million in air conditioning contracts Her husband included her in her financial statements.)

The strong desire is simply to have the presence of the Green New Deal and to ensure that the ideas and words that the weather system always uses are distorted into false things and not the real things that should happen if the US and the world want it. avoid weather damage and protect former employees and future areas on energy purification changes. Nothing, if it were not clear, was about China or the making of “climate control troops.”

Surprisingly, Taylor Greene said the 30 minutes she spoke last night represented half of what she was saying on the topic: Her planned speech was an hour long. “[E]”Let’s expect the second phase of the Green Deal to serve China, is coming soon,” he wrote in tweet.

Will there be memem boomers? At least.

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