Officials Assume Burning Due to Fires Near Redding

Fawn Fire in California Thursday.
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First of all, the image of the waves above looks like a terrifying magic movie. However, if there is anything the weather crisis has taught us a few months ago, that’s it moto and smoking unfortunately it is a strange part of the new. As a result, the photo above did not change the video: It’s a real visual from Fawn’s new fire.

Fawn’s fire broke out Wednesday in the Mountain Gate area near the town of Redding, located at Interstate 5 about two and a half hours north of Sacramento. By Thursday, the fire had started eat more than 5,000 acres, threatened 2,000 homes, destroyed 25 houses, and he encouraged exhaustion yes 4,000 people in Shasta County. This has affected 30,000 people, and Sheriff Michael Johnson announced an emergency in the area Thursday morning.

According to recent updates from Cal Fire, Fawn’s fire burns on a sloping, solid surface, making it difficult for firefighters to get around. In addition, the department said winds late Wednesday night caused fires to appear in several areas. Fawn’s fire currently has 5%.

Even Cal Cal Shasta Trinity section The prophet told a Los Angeles Times that because of the fire it is still being investigated, the department said story that it caught a woman suspected of causing the fire.

Cal Fire identified the woman as Alexandra Souverneva, 30, of Palo Alto. Workers saw Souverneva pass through an area near the rocks of JF Shea and Mountain Gate and “Irresponsible.” Cal Fire and other firefighters had visited the area at answer to a reported fire near Mountain Gate when he saw Souverneva, who came out of a brush near the fire line. He told firefighters that he was dehydrated and needed medical attention, which he received.

“Souverneva was then questioned by the CAL FIRE Law Enforcing Officer and the media gathered leaders to believe that Souverneva was the cause of the fire,” the department said. “He was later arrested and taken to Shasta County Prison.”

Cal Fire is urging the Shasta County District Attorney’s office to call Souverneva to burn the forest, which will also help because California is currently in danger due to wildfire.

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