Nintendo Unveils New N64, Sega Genesis Controllers On The Switch

About a week ago, a look at the FCC revealed that Nintendo could be working on new controllers on the switch. Looks like we’re finally getting to know how the company announced two new switchch games like the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis.

Given the way Nintendo and Sega competed that day, it is encouraging to note that both have a built-in brand, although Sega’s exit from the hardware business may have also taken part. Both rulers have no wire and cost about $ 50 each.

However, it should be noted that these controllers cannot be purchased by anyone. Similar to when Nintendo set up NES switch monitors back to 2018, these new controllers can be purchased by subscribers to Switchch Online, although we think there may be other players who can sell, perhaps at a lower price.

There are no terms in the release version, but with Nintendo launches theirs Package Size Change the online component in October which will open the N64 and Genesis games, we think the game pads will re-open that season, but let’s see with our own eyes to find out more.

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