iPhone 13 Pro Is Not Ideally For MagSafe Duo

When the iPhone 12 was launched along with their new MagSafe device, Apple launched the MagSafe Duo which is actually a charging pad that pays both iPhone and Apple Watch instantly. However, it seems that perhaps Apple should develop a new type of iPhone 13 series.

This is because according to a report from Bitten Apple, one of their readers called for the iPhone 13 Pro along with a leather case from Apple, but it turned out that the iPhone 13 Pro and its case will not be on the MagSafe Duo, while the upper half is actually slightly elevated.

This is because of the large camera that prevents the phone from being close to the recorder. Now the good news is that based on the rapid testing of MKBHD (see video above), it will work. Even if the phone doesn’t fit properly, it still supports MagSafe and will charge your phone, although we don’t know if a complete connection can cause any problems when running.

That being said, Apple launched the MagSafe Duo and FCC a few weeks ago, but the updated version has not been launched along with the new iPhones. It may come in the future, so for those who want to get the MagSafe Duo on their iPhone 13 models, either wait for the modified version or be careful when choosing a case that you can use on the phone.

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