How To Turn On The Rainbow iOS iOS 15

You can turn on the “rain noise” in iOS 15 Settings.
Figure: Caitlin McGarry / Gizmodo

Every Apple app is packed with updates and updates is designed to help users access more iPhones, and iOS 15 is not it. But perhaps the most important of the expectations that iOS 15 offers is a new way to get people with mobility, vision, hearing, and awareness.

One of the new features that jazzed users have is background music created for people who find them useful in protecting interest, being calm and minimizing distractions. Apple has given users six types of colors that they can sing in the background: the right sound, rain, light noise, black noise, sea and river.

For anyone wondering how to support this new sound in iOS 15, here are some quick and easy tips: Causes, then Available. Find out Hearing, then select Listening. Dinani Sounds Back. Under It makes sense tab, select the surround sound you want to hear.

According to Apple, the new term “simply plays in the background so as not to obscure unnecessary natural or external noise, and the thoughts are either mixed or subdued under certain tone of voice.”

As Gizmodo said which has already been said. In less problematic areas, VoiceOver, which has recently been updated and incorporates visual captions, will be more effective in providing demographic details, notes, information and more in the image.

“At Apple, we have always felt that the world’s highest technology needs to meet everyone’s needs, and our teams are working tirelessly to make the most of everything we do,” said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s chief executive officer for global trials. words. “With these new features, we’re striving for the technology that brings happiness and Apple’s expertise to the masses – and we can’t wait to share it with users.”

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